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Made in Japan日本製
Made in Japan日本製

Sharpening Maintenance


Carbon Steel Knives might rust under wet conditions. Please be sure to keep dry after use.

Be sure to keep dry after use. Wash in cold or hot water after use, wipe off any moisture. If you don’t use the knife for a long period of time, put some maintenance or cooking oil on blade. If it should rust, rub with a cleaning stone, to remove the rust.


We recommend sharpening your knife every ten days. Start sharpening with Medium Stone.

1. Spread wet towel on flat place and Set your Stone unmoved on it.

2. In case of Single bevel knife, try sharpening at an angle of 15 degree on front side.

3. Move forward and backward slowly with your fingers unspread.Try sharpening from blade tip to chin (ago).

4. You will see some blurs on the top of the blade, which makes you convinced your knife is sharpening. Then flip it to the opposite side (Rear side), then try to do the same process just a few times to remove blurs on the blade.

※ In case of Double bevel knife, try sharpening front & rear side same number of times. Important know-how is to move your knife straight up and down, slowly & equally with your stone unmoved. After sharpening, best maintenance method is to put some maintenance oil (eg.Tsubaki Camellia oil) on it.

Precautions for use

• Do not use other than for cooking.
• Do not wash in the dishwasher (except all stainless models, etc).
• Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
• Keep away from children. Always store knives in a secure place.
• Do not hold over fire.
• Improper care will result in rusting and chipping.
• In case you don’t use your knife for a period of time, Tsubaki (Camellia) oil is recommended for wiping on it to keep any moisture off.
• Do not leave your knife in a strong detergent or sterilizer for a period of time. It can cause the blade to change color.