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Made in Japan日本製
Made in Japan日本製

Honesuki/Garasaki (Boning Knife)

Honesuki (Boning Knife) also known as "Sabaki" double bevel is used to separate meat from bones.

Kaku type (also known as Eastern type) has a triangular shaped blade.
Maru type (also known as Western type) has a blade and handle that are the same width.

It is held with the edge side up, used to cut meat that is hanging down.
Typical Blade Length: 150mm
Typical Blade Material: High Carbon Steel

Garasaki (Boning Knife) has a longer and thicker blade than Honesuki.
Definition of Blade Length: the Length from top edge of the blade to the end.
Typical Blade Length: 180mm
Typical Blade Material: High Carbon Steel