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Made in Japan 日本製
Made in Japan 日本製


DON'T Judge your knife only by HRC rating!!!

DON'T Judge your knife only by HRC rating!!!

Posted by Yoshifumi Sakamoto   HRC

Harder Knife would be good Knife? Harder material means, it would be also harder to sharpen it. Generally speaking, most of Japanese Manufacturer don't disclose any HRC rating and the rating shows that of base materials themselves from Steel Manufacturers. It is similar to the relationship between Food stuff and the Cook. Are you confident of good cuisine, because it is made of good stuff? The answer is YES or NO? Don't forget superior technique of the Cook!!! The genuine sharpness would be different after heat treatment, depending on workshops or brand, even if they use the very same materials. Therefore, please look for your favorite brand, first of all. Yoshi Sakamoto/ Shop manager YuiSenri

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Yasuki White Steel or Blue Steel???

Yasuki White Steel or Blue Steel???

Posted by Yoshifumi Sakamoto   aogami / aoko / blue steel / shirogami / shiroko / white steel / yasuki steel

Yasuki White Steel is a grade type of Japanese High Carbon Steel that have had the majorities of impurities removed. Yasuki Blue Steel(Aogami) is a higher grade type by adding tungsten and  chrome to Yasuki White Steel(Shirogami). Knives made of Yasuki Steel is known to cut better and to be easier to sharpen. Is Blue Steel always better than White Steel? We say, "No".Please don't judge only by grade of the steel. Depending on brand or workshop, real sharpness, usability would be different. Please find your favorite brand in your selections.We are happy to assist you before your purchase as much as we can. Yoshi Sakamoto/ Shop manager YuiSenri

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